Can Hypnosis Really Stop Tinnitus?

Most often, you will hear tinnitus sufferers asking if hypnosis can really stop tinnitus. Maybe you too have been engaged in such conversation before. Well, I will like to know what you think about the subject after reading this article. The Inadequacy of Orthodox Medicine to Cure Tinnitus Tinnitus, otherwise referred to as ringing in […]

The Link Between Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Tinnitus and hearing loss sometimes go hand in hand. There are many people with tinnitus who also report having a hearing loss. So it becomes somehow difficult to tell whether hearing difficulties are caused by hearing loss or by tinnitus. In this article the link between tinnitus and hearing loss will be discussed for better […]

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH NOISE YOUR EAR CAN SAFELY COPE WITH? Find out before your ear is damaged by noise!

Do you know how much noise your ear can safely cope with? It is necessary for you to know because once your ear is damaged by noise it may be permanent without remedy. The effect of the damage may not be felt now, but as we grow older, everyone’s ears and the ability to hear […]

The Connection Between Tinnitus and Stress

There are millions of people suffering from tinnitus worldwide. However, a distinguishing factor among these people is that it affects them differently. One of the major factors why tinnitus affects its sufferers differently is the stress level that they face individually. Those individuals who are stressed by their tinnitus are always in a state of […]

Find out how you can protect yourself from potentially damaging noise – levels

The best way to prevent deafness in places of work is to tackle noise from the very place it is originating from through the use of engineering methods. Tackling the noise from source may practically be impossible in some cases; in which case, workers in such environments have to resort to the use of hearing […]

Tinnitus and Sound Enrichment

Tinnitus is more noticeable in a very serene or quiet environment such as in the bedroom at night. Listening to other sounds can make tinnitus become less intrusive.  A conscious effort to use any sound to reduce the awareness of tinnitus is known as sound enrichment or sound therapy. Sound enrichment works on the principle […]

Adaptation to Tinnitus through Habituation Therapy

There is no doubt that tinnitus can be very annoying and emotionally disturbing. It affects all aspects of a patient’s life. It makes concentration difficult, sound sleep impossible (especially after waking up at night), silence a nightmare, just to mention a few. All these symptoms usually combine to cause anxiety for tinnitus sufferers. However, a […]


The lack of sleep is a major problem for a significant number of people suffering from tinnitus. Most often, they complain that this lack of sleep arises from their tinnitus. Before we go ahead to see the link between tinnitus and sleep, let us first examine why we need to sleep.   Why Do We […]

The Link Between Tinnitus and Food

Different arguments have been made on what exactly the link is (if any) between the food we eat and the chances of managing tinnitus. While one school of thought argues that these two are directly linked, the other posits an indirect relation between them. However, whichever side of this divide one stands, one thing is absolutely […]